And so we get under way, even if not fully polished

I promised myself that I would get the first post up today to mark three weeks since my daughter was born. So having signed up with WordPress this morning this post will go up today, even if I haven’t done anything else to the site!

So why the need to hit the artificial deadline of today that I have created for myself?  And why a blog? Well the latter first.  I have always been a career focussed person, and sometimes have permitted work to swallow life more than it should.  With the commencement of maternity leave prior to bub’s arrival there were still a few items I wanted to wrap up for work.  Which isn’t to say I wasn’t also relaxing – there was couch time!  But it is fair to say that I do like to use my brain.  However a work email came in that generated a bit of a stressful reaction in me, even though I did not need to have any involvement.  It was this that really triggered me to switch off.  Not “I couldn’t care less about work any more”, because that isn’t true either.  But to not give it the importance it once had.  And to do that another focus can really help.

At the same time an article came out about Mummy Bloggers, and how some of them are generating substantial incomes.  My other half sent me the link to the article and said you should have a crack at this, you’d be good at this; knowing how many times I’ve said I’d love to write.  And as has always been the case, as soon as I am not at work I never want to go back.  But there are some fiscal realities to be faced.  And I had already really been looking forward to maternity leave.  A real opportunity to do a myriad of other things I have not done in a very long time, starting from the very simple like go to the shops during the day.  Not to mention the primary reason – the baby –  and enjoying parenthood.

So here I am.  Tomorrow seven weeks of maternity leave will have passed, and with bub now here the notion of generating income from home has grown exponentially.  Clearly a lot to do to this site if it is to enable us both not to have to go back to work!  But nothing wrong with having aspiration…