So who am I?

Well I am

  • a 40 year plus first time Mum

That growing cohort in the world.  I know people have varying views on what constitutes an appropriate age for parenthood.  I can say that I am younger than when my mother and father had me!  And more importantly the timing of motherhood feels absolutely right.

  • a kiwi living in Melbourne, Australia

Also nothing unusual!  According to the very recently released census data I fall into the third largest population group in Australia.  One of almost half a million, one in a bit under 240,000 by gender.

  • a research scientist who has moved into management

Well I must have been doing something if it took me to be more than 40 years of age before the arrival of a child!  I stayed at university for what some people describe as forever.  And then about 10 years later went back again, albeit in a different area.

So that gives you a brief snapshot of who I am.  And while I was intending a post a day, that may be slightly ambitious right now, but it is still the aim.  I’ll temporarily let myself go with one every other day.  And this post may be considered a slight cheat, as I can use some of it for the about me page.  But that is efficient isn’t it?  Maximising the use of your time and effort.