First time leaving her while I go out

Well minuscule in terms of humanity’s achievements but huge for me. I made a brief excursion out of the house yesterday into the city to go to one shop to buy some knitting needles for a scarf I am about to make for the other half, as well as some denim to fix a pair of  jeans  – a slight change from what I was doing prior to maternity leave.

A bit high risk as the wee girl is still unpredictable given her youthful age (about 3 and a half weeks). But we decided to run with the she doesn’t do two grouchy sessions in a row anymore, and as the previous one was grouchy there “should” be a window of opportunity.  

So out the door I headed wondering if this was a step too far too soon. However once under way thought perhaps this wasn’t such a bad idea.  Feeling bold I took liberty with time while I was in the store and also spent some extra minutes selecting buttons to replace the ones on the coat I was wearing. The truth be told one button had been missing for ages (that could genuinely mean years!) and were well overdue for replacing.

Purchase made headed straight back to the tram. Rang the father and asked for his assessment as to whether he thought there was time for me to drop into our local supermarket to pick up the three ingredients I knew we needed for dinner. To give afore mentioned father a break from errand running.  Was given the all clear. So as approaching the supermarket close to home hopped off the tram, made grocery purchases, and walked two blocks home. Was back in the door a bit over an hour after leaving. Mission accomplished!

We’ve always been relatively well organised, but we certainly now look to ensure we maximize any outing now.  Perhaps the first hint of a part of this blog’s name.