Wonder of white noise (or when can I have my iPad back!)

We know children get into technology early, but I think when you are less than four weeks old is far too soon to be hogging the iPad!

Last Sunday morning we were having a coffee in bed (made by moi I am pleased to say) and keen to have a wee relax – perhaps optimistic given child was only three and a half weeks, but hopefully a habit she has already acquired in the womb.  However bub was not overly keen to play ball!

On a couple of occasions Dad here had achieved fine calming success with an extended, quite loud, sshhhh.  And while trawling the internet for ideas around getting a baby to sleep (with a newborn any technique is worth trying once) had read mention of static, white noise, and the like helping babies go to sleep.  In one article in the comments section a father had said he’d recorded 60 minutes of him going sshhhh.

So with hot coffee going to waste, I flew into action.  With the wonders of modern technology I searched on the iPad for some white noise and started playing it. Dad was slightly nonplussed, particularly as he was listening to something else on his iPhone. Yes we are a bit of a gadgeted up household.

But it did seem to make a difference. In deference to Dad did continually lower volume. However think Dad was won over as he took the iPad – currently the bassinet is on his side of the bed and played louder than I did with even greater success. So while wouldn’t want to have to use this all of the time it seems like a really good option for when little madam is grouchy and not settling as she usually does. If it gives her (and us) one sleep cycle, when we weren’t getting any, I’m signed up.  Even if it does mean little missy is hogging the iPad!