One way of showing the father he is very much still in the picture

One of the aspects of why I was looking forward to my maternity leave was some time to undertake some of those activities I didn’t seem to have time for when working full time. Now this says something about me. Too much of me going into work, and not enough into life. From past experience, it is almost only with life changing events that I seem to be able to be able to step back and see the big picture and make considerable change. But inevitably old patterns return, albeit sometimes with years delay, but always a return.

I quite enjoyed the article Seeking a simple life in the age online yesterday. It captures some of what I think, that we often get caught on that treadmill of life, and sometimes when you are in it you never stop to reassess your choices.

Now how on earth is this related to the post’s title. Well I have started knitting a scarf for the other half. It is a very visual way for him to see that he is equally front and centre given our family is now three. I am doing this for him and no one else.

Now what I am going to write next says something about me that I am not sure I want to reveal! I have actually set-up some spreadsheets to track a few different things. Partly out of curiosity, partly because I inherently love data and analysis and need to keep my brain engaged, and because it is simply part of that how could I work from home thinking, of which an aspect is cost efficiency – how can you spend less. Now this will be, I think, very cost efficient, but I will get back to you about that, and the spreadsheets at a later date.

I am also curious as to whether the GFC and the constrained economic times we are experiencing around the world has redirected folk towards some of the more traditional past times such as knitting. Are these arts making a resurgence? I am not a first time craft person. I can sew, knit, embroider, and the like; admittedly very infrequently in recent times, but impending motherhood gave some impetus. I am getting pleasure out of the project, as well as a sense of accomplishment. The challenge lays somewhat ahead in the future…how do I retain this aspect when womaxiMum has more balls back up in the air to juggle