Have found where the obsession that women can have with their dress size starts

I now know where the obsession that women have with their dress size starts…it’s a conspiracy from birth!

Our newborn is just in the process of moving from size 0000 to 000, a milestone for Mum and Dad, but otherwise not particularly noteworthy. However in preparation for such a big transition I got out all of our 000 jumpsuits when thinking this move might be imminent. Lo and behold a size differential I was not expecting between two brands in exactly the same size. What is a baby to do?!

Depending on where baby shopped she might get quite a different body image. If this what happens to you when you do not even know what clothes are, how on earth are you supposed to deal with this later!

To prove not the ravings of a sleep deprived woman (oh hang on, that is the life of new parents!) I checked the sizing to ensure had not picked up two different sizes – and had not (have photos if evidence required). Now you do expect some variation with brands and size. It is certainly the experience of many adult women, I cannot speak for adult men.