Tracking my baby with an iPhone app

Like a person at work who was using an iPhone app for birth control (which resulted in a baby!), I am using an iPhone app to track my baby. I am not sure what that comparison means for the outcome of my baby!

Now being a cheap skate it is a free app. But it is so good, so good in fact that it is the first time I have ever put in a review about an app, and this is completely unprompted. That is I did not get a reminder on the phone from the app to place a review. So this really says something.

Now maybe it appeals to me as I love data. You can track how long the baby has slept, what colour the poo in the nappies was (I am not doing that!). Even for the simple things like knowing which side you need to feed from it is great. I could go on.

So if you are a new mum, I highly recommend the iBabyLog app. I am just about to figure out how to have it running on the iPad as well. It surely is a modern world.