Daughter turns six weeks old and celebrates by ending up kicked out of her first venue!

The wee lassie turned 6 weeks yesterday. A big day as this coincided with Dad’s longest stint out of the house, and my post-delivery check up, from which she got us kicked out!

Sweet cranky pants does not seem to be a morning girl currently (gets this from both parents I expect!), so we were not off to a good start. She did give Mum time for a shower in peace, which Mum may have taken advantage of by standing under for a tad longer than she should. However she repaid that when I was about to have breakfast before heading out the door to the doctor. So I though aha I will foil you, we will go now, and I shall buy breakfast while you are fast asleep in your push chair.

But she foiled me again. Little missy kept her eyes open the whole way in the push chair to the doctor’s, when she should have been asleep. So my vision of breakfast in a cafe before my appointment turned into a takeaway coffee and a muffin; which went further down hill as I kept jostling and spilling the coffee with random bumps on the foot path, and ate the muffin sitting on a bench on a side street.

Having scoffed afore mentioned muffin, an extra block seemed to finally have got the magic closed eyes, and I walked into the building. The eyes promptly opened in the lift. By the time we reached the third floor the lungs were in flight, and could be heard all over the floor. Already shame was upon us! The receptionist having found me with ease, even though I was down and around the corner of a long corridor on the floor trying to use the magic of motion.

So I bravely started my first feed out of the house in my appointment. Up until now I thought I was doing well managing to send the odd text on the iPhone while feeding. The doctors’ group I go to are great, they organised a room so I could change her and finish feeding her. Pretty spoilt for a first feed out of the house, they got me a glass of water and a pillow. Will this happen everywhere?! However miss cranky pants decided she was still grumpy, and her wailing returned. So as I emerged from the office, they took me straight out the side door I happened to be in front of, without even signing the bill! I would love to say that the walk home closed eyes, and it did, but they opened as I put the key in the door, but we are still all here today.

How was your first feed out of the house?

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