Michelin stars here I come

Well missing in action for the last few days, so have not made my every other day promise to myself to blog. One might simply define that as parenthood. Time and plans not always as you imagine 🙂 Makes me realise that my ultimate goal of blogging every day is more than a little way off, but that is ok. Would not trade a minute of motherhood, even the teary ones. So this paragraph may seem off topic from the title, but it is about time and plans.

Well love it, hate it, or indifferent to it, the MasterChef franchise is ubiquitous. According to Wikipedia this show is now produced in 35 countries and televised in over 200 territories. Now I am a foodie; not a hard core foodie, but a foodie nevertheless. And have to admit I do quite enjoy the show. A MasterClass recipe or two may have made it into our repertoire.

So how does this relate to Michelin stars. Well thanks to MasterChef know the term mise en place and what it means. Have found to stand even an outside chance of dinner some nights we need to be very well organised. Some days think mise en place should be the very first thing to be undertaken once successfully negotiated both a shower and breakfast; there being a much more literal meaning to the phrase “tears before breakfast” some days.

Mise en place could actually be synonymous with parenthood – in my mind it does not just apply to cooking – would say it is equally appropriate for a nappy change!

Now the food we are currently cooking perhaps would not be characterised as Michelin star quality, in fact the key requirement is currently can we make this quicker than the speed of light. And always in the back of my mind, will it make enough that so we can reheat another night saving us having to cook. We have a list of meals we can make quickly which I am trying to make as long as possible. One cannot live on spaghetti bolognaise 7 days a week! But given we are starting with mise en place, the proper foundations are clearly being laid. Perhaps I will become the first home kitchen to have a michelin star!