A thought for those reliant on four wheels

As a new mother with a pushchair becoming an extension of my two arms, my view of the world has changed. Particularly for those who are reliant on four wheels as their only mode of transport.

I have been surprised by how small things on footpaths/side-walks can be a minor nuisance through to a significant hindrance. Or where it is clear that it has not even been a consideration. I have a new appreciation for the saying “You never truly know someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes.” Try that with wheels.

Just near our house there is a new house being built and part of the footpath is completed blocked off. Entirely appropriate for what is transpiring on that site for safety reasons. However if you had started walking up that road you would not know this until you got close and then when you got there you would have to come down directly over the kerb. Manageable in a pushchair in many circumstances, but would imagine not necessarily so in a wheelchair. In this instance you have to turn around and go back almost the entire way you had just come to go down the other side of the road, assuming no other obstructions.

I wonder if there is an app that already maps wheel friendly walking paths in cities and towns. I will have to hunt and see what is available.