Let your fingers do the walking ~ online shopping – convenience versus cost

Today I made my first online purchase of nappies, and a month ago my first online purchase of groceries. As someone who has long embraced online banking and purchasing, this is hardly a landmark change to my behaviour. I can remember when eft-pos commenced in NZ, and promptly bought a packet of tic tacs from the local gas station where my friend worked when I was 16, just to give it a go. However online shopping has taken on a new meaning now that we are three!

We have a local grocery shop that is actually great, a little more expensive, however given it is a short walk we have used and will continue to use it frequently. And prior to the wee girl’s arrival we also went in the car and did a “big shop” at the larger supermarket periodically. However the effort required to make the trip to the larger supermarket now, compared to the cost of the delivery really is a no-brainer.

Now perhaps sad to admit but I am comparing prices between the two, such that when we do an online shop we are neutralising the cost of delivery to zero, because of the cheaper prices on certain items. Interestingly the bigger supermarkets are not always cheaper for all items. And people often forget to factor in their time in going to the supermarket. Though I have probably spent more time on the computer than going to the supermarket…

Depending on your personality I would certainly recommend some analysis – I keep a spreadsheet so can easily compare product prices. And not just just for groceries. I am looking at all the products that are new to our lives! Hence the online nappy purchase this morning. So am searching different online stockists, delivery prices – you name it. We purchase our wipes from one store, nappies from another.

I had the idealistic notion that I would actually check certain online stores once a week for specials on key items – but that hasn’t happened.

Now this is hardly going to make us millions and enable me not to go back to work, but by shopping sensibly you can actually save time and money. And that is definitely worth it, motherhood or not.