iPads & infants

Coming from what you might describe as a technology high household – last count 10 computer/tablet/mobile devices (not bad for two people) – the likelihood of the wee girl getting exposed early is reasonable. We know she is already making a grab for my iPad. And Dad already has a folder on his iPad that is filling with apps for her…

So it is always interesting to read and learn about the potential impact of technology and children. Here are two articles that I thought were interesting – which means I had time to at least glance at some of the newspaper this morning (online of course!). One is about some research that is underway, the other a personal reflection by one of the mother’s whose child is a research participant.

I really liked the comment about swiping the magazine. I remember a friend at work whose daughter, who must have been about five at the time, had been accustomed to swiping on the screen of a device, who when she came across another device that did not work this way, immediately tried swiping and promptly handed it to Dad saying this is broken.