The sixth sense, followed by retaliation!

I am convinced the wee girl knows when her dad is out of house. Currently Dad is working from home, and has been since she was born, which is a real luxury. She is accustomed to seeing both of us throughout the day.

The other morning, not long after he had left the house doing an airport run to drop off a departing set of grandparents, she decided to somehow leak out of the top of her nappy onto her outfit while I was feeding her – a puzzle in itself – so a full change session ensued. Having just finished up the buttons on her clean outfit she does a projectile vomit – getting it everywhere from her hair to me! But luckily none on the floor. Where did that volume of milk come from? I swear she did it because there was only one set of hands at home!

Not to be out done by someone who counts their age in weeks I inadvertently retaliated. While feeding her a day or two later I noticed that the front of her outfit was wet. Another miraculous how did that pee get there thought passed through my mind. But then I twigged, I had been leaking milk on her!