This, anyone can do

Well I have been missing in action, two lots of family visits from over the sea. Hopefully I am now back on the blog deck.

I do have a love of craft, but it has been something that has suffered with a full time job, particularly when I have directed quite some energy to said job, more than I should have at times, but hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Anyway I had wanted to make something for what was then my forthcoming baby to be. A blanket was one of the needed items on the seemingly endless list of items required for a baby. So it was killing two birds with one stone, a chance for me to indulge a habit I don’t often, as well as creating something of use for the baby.

What has surprised me the most is the number of genuine compliments on the blanket, including from complete strangers in lifts (we use it as her pushchair/pram blankie). I had not expected to feel so delighted by other people’s reaction, I was simply happy that I had made something for my daughter. Perhaps the unexpected response means I could make them to sell! But what I wanted to say is that anyone could make this blanket. It is just plain knitting, the pattern comes from the different sized needles – so simple, but visually fantastic (I may need a better photo!).

It was also cost effective. The pattern was free – here it is, and when I purchased the wool it was on special. For my version I simply used two different coloured threads together, a thicker green wool with a thinner flecked white yarn. I started while pregnant doing a couple of rows a night, with the aim to finish before she arrived, though have to admit I finished it after she was born – but in the first week.