The joy of technology for family afar

It is rather wry that something I have for work, the increased use and value of, has come from not being at work.

Three months and 1 day ago our bundle of joy was born. Three months ago was the first time she got on the Skype bandwagon.  And she has not stopped since! We were fortunate that the hospital had wireless and so with the iPad in hand we skyped family across the Tasman, showing off a brand new baby girl. How great is that for family who cannot be there? Pre-baby we had wandered around the house with a laptop showing the family different things on occasion, but it really is a step function change with a tablet device.

But what is now almost a daily habit is the snapping of photos on the phone followed by composing emails to the family on the iPad.  While I should be using the camera, it is normally the phone that is in proximity, when there is a “capture this moment” instance. However there is a bonus to this – with photostream the photos are almost immediately there on the iPad.  Email with images almost entirely possible with babe in arms without leaving the couch!  Ok, not quite, or at least I have yet to master that 😉 Though I can manage texting and feeding at the same time!

What is funny is that I think she had got accustomed to looking at square metallic objects – as she looks directly at them when they appear in her presence – so we get great shots of her looking directly at the camera!

It will have been obvious from my wording which family of products I am using, however this is not meant to be an endorsement of a product line but rather a reflection of the joy that technology allows.