A dedicated follower of fashion…

…I have never been.  This is not to say that I do not take a pride in my appearance.  Quite the opposite, I am a big believer of style, which to me is not the same as fashion, though with a hearty dose of lazy occasionally thrown in. Sometimes life just calls for a pair of track suit pants and a t-shirt.  But you are talking about the person who purchased just six maternity clothing items, three skirts, one pair of trousers, one pair of shorts, and one dress; and right towards the end four double purpose tops (as in for the belly prior to bub’s arrival and for feeding post bub’s arrival) and two nighties (for hospital and night time feeding).  I am currently surviving by wearing said four tops.  I am loathe to spend dollars on clothes that may not get another outing so to speak.

But I digress slightly.  Is it really bad to admit that yesterday I went out of the house with poo on my jeans?  Now obviously not an unsightly, smelly, cannot be missed stain.  It was the accidental leak out of the nappy, must put my jeans in the wash, I’ve forgotten to, can’t see it now, stain.  Does this mean that I have lost all pride in my appearance?  It is now more than four months since I have had a haircut, me of the every 6-8 week visit to the hairdresser, and my fringe can now cover the dark patches under my eyes!  No, I have not lost all pride, it is just that it does not quite always make it onto the must be done today list, which currently comprises baby, sleep, eating, and washing (in that order!).  How am I sure?  I have already purchased new clothes in anticipation of when feeding is no longer required, and summer is upon us.  And an excursion to the hairdresser is in the making.  It is not just bub’s Dad that is perhaps tiring of the rotating four tops, but perhaps it is more obvious to me that this is but temporary.

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