Mum-onomics I

So as my original first post says, in my wishful moments I am looking to replace my loved job with no job, but other sources of income. Economics of course comes into play. Being already four months into my maternity leave I had better get serious about these income streams…

Now the partner to income is expenditure, so part of the solution is to look at expenditure; very basic economics, or hereafter what I shall refer to as mum-onomics!

Now I have to be upfront and say that I am not your typical avid consumer as such, yes I do like to buy things, but I like to think I am a savvy purchaser most of the time. So in some ways I have already minimised on the expenditure front. But there are always ways to trim if you are prepared to make some effort.

I thought I would go back to my maternity clothes purchases, which some may think were ludicrously minimal. So I will also admit to being a fan of empire line styles long before a baby bump was on the horizon, hence many of my existing clothes worked through a significant duration of the pregnancy. In total I bought ten items, six of them from the one store. For those of you who are Melbourne based I would highly recommend this store. I stumbled upon it when searching the web. There is nothing in this for me. I just found the range of clothes available great, the cost really good value (including brands at reduced prices), and the service really helpful.

So Mum-onomics 1: why pay full price, especially for “temporary” clothes, when you do not have to.