The best advice prior to bub’s arrival

If I can give one piece of advice to a mum/mom/dad to be it is get some meals prepared in advance and in the freezer. I think I read this in more than one place, and was certainly told this as well. It sounded like a sensible idea, without knowing what it was going to be like with a newborn. And I would add to it put a list on the freezer door you can cross off as you use them.

This is all we have left, boo hoo!

It was a lifesaver for us, particularly with no family in the country. We had a fortnight’s meals in the freezer, and managed to make them last at least a whole month by alternating with cooking on the other night, not to mention a takeaway thrown in every week. And if chance presents itself when you are cooking post bub’s arrival pick something that you can make enough of to also freeze. My pick was Thai “pick your colour” (green, red, yellow) curry with rice. Quick to make, and freezes/reheats well.  What are your meal suggestions for this situation?

And a wise friend who is a mum said to me, you’ll be offered all sorts of advice whether you asked for it or not, so take it or ignore it as you see fit. So take my advice in that vein too!

And almost completely unrelated – why is it that we have mum/mom but not dad/dod?! Does anyone know?