A bit of banter is never a bad thing

I walked down the road to our neighbourhood supermarket today with little missy in her baby carrier at the front of me. A routine her father and I often employ when we think she needs a touch more sleep, but she has decided otherwise! We have geography on our side for this as we happen to live about 10 minutes walk from a small but surprisingly good supermarket. And at the rate we currently go through biscuits, greatly enhanced since the wee girl has arrived, there is always something to purchase.

Anyway, I was walking down an aisle in the supermarket when a more senior gentleman said to me, did you get that here?  (Refering to the wee girl if you hadn’t twigged!)  It did make me smile, and laughingly I said no.  The same gentleman was then behind me in the queue for the check out and said, well no need to get her scanned then!

A bit like an expanding belly of a pregnancy, a baby somehow reduces the barriers to conversation. And that is not a bad thing in an increasingly difficult world to talk to strangers without it being seen as strange or dangerous. A bit of banter is never a bad thing.