Best laid plans…

A cliché of a title, but oh so true in this instance.

The wee girl’s aunt from across the Tasman was here visiting.  Being a mum herself, almost seconds after arriving said she was happy to baby-sit. Now we have lucked in with a good sleeping baby – thanks to whatever karma – so going out for dinner or a movie is entirely feasible without even having to express.  Feeling bold we decided to do both (with no family in the country you have to seize these opportunities when they present themselves).

Now being a planning sort of person I had lined up two movie options at differing start times. Little missy must have known we were up to no good! She for reasons unknown self shifted her bed time by an hour so the first and preferred movie we were eyeing up was out of the question. But that’s ok, we had a second option. However Mum and Dad managed to then dither about whether to take the tram or the car – having never left the house together without her since she has been born we had not been in this position before. We ended up so short of time that dinner was out of the question.  We grabbed some highly nutritious hot chips and lollies, snuck them into the theatre and ate them in the movie.  To top it off the movie was average – probably something we would have been disappointed getting on DVD.

First night out, hot chips and m&m’s – a well balanced meal, and the movie not even that good.  As they say, best laid plans…

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