Mum-onomics II: a change mat by any other name would smell as bad!

Before the arrival of the wee girl we had purchased two fluffy change mat covers, thinking that will be nice for her to lay on.  Clearly neither of us had either experienced or changed a nappy before!  In the hospital we encountered the disposable change mat, and were immediately taken by them.

Now I know some people have a real issue with cloth versus disposable nappies, and that isn’t a conversation I want to get into.  We can all address our footprint on the earth in different ways; for example I have chosen to live within walking distance of work for the past seven years so my transport footprint is exceptionally low. I digress.

Once home I looked at the cost of disposable mats, not cheap.  A bit like how when you put “wedding” in front of anything like flowers, meals, etc., the price ricochets upwards because of that.  A well known brand can cost $1/change mat, a more budget version 50c/mat.  So then I put my research skills to use and found that medical supplies sell items that are essentially what a disposable change mat is.  As Shakespeare wrote, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”, though in this case both could smell bad!

I purchased these at a cost of 21.45c/mat including delivery charges, less than half the price of a budget version, and just a fifth of the price of a branded version of an item labelled baby change mat.  For those of you who are Australia based this is where I made my purchase.  There is nothing in this for me. I just found the cost really good value, and the mats are great.   In other countries there are bound to be equivalent options, perhaps at an even better price with a larger population base.

So Mum-onomics 2: is there a product option that isn’t labelled ‘baby’ that will do the trick at a much lower price.