Is chocolate milk next?!

Read this today and had to share it – NZ scientists make a break through with allergy-free milk for children a step closer.  Not only is this happening in the country I call home (even if I don’t live there!), this is from the city I went to University in – way cool!  Yes it is a bit more science, but just as a leopard cannot change its spots, so will there be a scientist in me until I am kicking up the daisies!

Genetic modification is naturally a topic for which opinion is wide-ranging.  And again this is research that still has a way to go, but imagine for those parents who have children that are lactose intolerant being able to buy fresh milk their children could have.

Now just picture if they pioneered a cow who produced chocolate milk…children all over the world would be volunteering to be up at the crack of dawn to milk said cow!

Chocolate milk please!