Baby sleeping long should make you smile, but…

We do not have what could be described as an ideal house for a baby. Open plan over three levels – you can talk to people in the kitchen on the ground floor while lying in bed in the master bedroom on the third level.  Not to mention there is just enough room to wheel the pushchair in the front door and squeeze in yourself before you hit three steps going up.  Fortunately what was the spare bedroom, but which is now the wee girl’s room is one of the two rooms in the house that actually has a door; the other is the downstairs powder room.

Anyway with that kind of picture in mind it is perhaps not to hard to imagine that one develops unique routines to work within that environment.  We currently have the cot in her bedroom on the second level and the bassinet in our bedroom on the third level.  So when she wakes in the middle of the night she is in her cot, but by the time she is feed and nappy-ed she goes back down to sleep on a different floor in a different bed!  Despite not having being morning people (slight understatement), there is definite joy in waking up to the wee lassie beside you. How can you not smile when there are two hands waving in the air that you can just see above the edge of the bassinet, even if you did want to sleep for another hour.

However very recently in the wee small hours I was faced with a dilemma of gargantuan proportions.  Little missy had just done a phenomenally long sleep, putting me in the position of weighing up do I take her upstairs versus putting her back in her cot.  The bassinet is routine, but the bonus of her room is that it is much darker (walls and a door will do that!).  I took the high risk option and put her back down in the cot, so it was her very first whole night in her room.  While I was excited by the fact that she had slept for 10&1/2 hours, all that came to mind was she’s far too young to be growing up, and a sense of sadness – I am not going to be waking up beside that little baby every morning.  And then I thought what am I going to be like when she hits a real milestone?!