At the risk of a broken neck!

I awoke at 4.30 am in an absolute panic, heart racing.  Out of bed I barrelled and down our stairs that have no handrail without even turning on the stair lights – broken neck be damned.  Relief, the baby is breathing.  I return upstairs and lay my head on my pillow not returning to her room for another hour and a half.

So excited am I, that I text family across the Tasman while feeding her.  “Breaking news…Emily sleeps 11&1/2 hrs!!! Mother in panic at 4.30 am in bedroom making sure she’s still breathing.  Father still completely unaware of momentous occasion!

Mother-out-of-law replies, “Go Emily!  Typical father sleeps through the whole thing. I remember that feeling of panic, going in and making sure that they are still breathing – some things never change.”

And what’s more I don’t even care about the gigantic milk stain I have left on our sheets!