Two randoms make a right!

I just had to share this – I won $50 from the supermarket today – yippee!

I completed a survey after the first time we shopped online with Coles which put me in the draw to win.  As I have mentioned previously the reason we have commenced using online grocery shopping is because of the wee girl.  They are even going to use one of my answers as a quote in some of their promotional material.  Not quite published author status, but how cool is that?!

Before I had found out that I had won, the wee girl and I had gone for an “awake” walk up the road.  Now that wee missy is having longer up times we are starting to explore the outside world.  Along the street are houses whose front porches sit right on the footpath.  Having walked this stretch of road many a time over the last four months I was aware that there is a little old lady often leaning on her gate watching the world go by.  And I mean little old lady – she has white hair and is not tall of stature.

I have always been a person who tends to smile at people walking down the street, and have random conversations with people.  Perhaps it is just inherent in being a kiwi, or something I picked up from my parents, particularly my Dad.  Anyway as the wee girl was awake I randomly decided to stop, say hello and have a brief conversation.  The little old lady said thank you for stopping.  To which I immediately replied no trouble, and it wasn’t.

So I gave a smile and Coles gave me a smile – two randoms make a right good day today 🙂