Dress Up Dolly

I am not a shopaholic, I could even be described as a shopping miser at times, but what has come over me…how do you stop yourself from buying endless clothes for the child?!  I honestly think I could shop every day for her!   And not get bored!!

Recently I went into Target to buy a pair of leggings to go with a dress we had been given for the little lady, and came home with two other items – this with much restraint. The only reason for such restraint was that it was my first trip out without her since she was born while she was awake, with Dad chief in charge – so the clock was running.  I could have come home with one of everything!

And I hate to say it, but this is not a one off feeling.  The weather is changing and the baby is graduating to the next size of clothing.  I had done a Pumpkin Patch run as I knew they had a sale on.  I will admit to slight bias – I am kiwi, this is a NZ company, I can remember when they first started, I do like to support my country (we buy NZ cheese, jam, honey, butter, pineapple lumps, …).  However it also comes down to the fact that I think the clothes are utterly adorable, well made, and good value when on special.  I signed up for their email newsletter primarily to be alerted when the sales are on.  Lo and behold a sale came on with free postage, so I did not even have to go into the store.  I must have sat at the computer for hours looking at all the clothes!  Adding everything I quite liked to the shopping basket with the intention of culling.  Just as well, as the basket was sitting at $225!  Now to be fair I am starting to purchase ahead, but nobody that small needs that amount spent on clothes.

Now I know the fashionatas out there will say that even kids clothes have trends.  I have to say that I do not think kid’s clothes go out of fashion. The only person who is going to say your child is wearing last season’s top is perhaps not the parent focusing on what I believe is important.

I got the ridiculous $225 down to what I thought was a respectable $77, which was for eight items, some for now, some for later, so less than $10 each.  At the same time indulging my sudden desire for clothes shopping.

So, Mum-onomics 3: Buy baby and children’s clothes on special; and Mum-onomics 3a: Buy sizes ahead when on special whenever you can.

cute baby outfit

How cute is this?

5 thoughts on “Dress Up Dolly

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  2. I’m the same! I could totally skip clothes for me but when it comes to the little guy I can’t pass on the super cute outfits. That said I think its much easier to be restrained with a boy. If we had a girl we would be broke… LOVE the PP dresses.


    • United in temptation! One of the Mum’s in my Mothers’ group said similar to you – not quite the same range for boys – so easier on the wallet.


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