This little piggy…had a pedicure

Now I am not a particularly vain person, but I will admit to some indulgences. Embarrassing but true, I had my toes done just before she was born. I remember thinking wouldn’t it be nice if my toes looked good for the birth, I envisaged being able to glance down and admire them as labour progressed.  And even thought that others in the room might do the same! [Fat and chance are the two words applicable here!]

However there has been a hiatus since then.  I have been a bit loathe to make fixed appointments.  Friends and colleagues have been great keeping two hour windows open for lunch, with me just texting them when I am on my way.  It doesn’t quite work that way with businesses.  I have been concerned about not being able to make it because she is asleep, or things going cactus when I am out.  I probably need to remind myself that something going awry is not an if, but simply when, and be relaxed about that.

Now I have long been a customer at  Airs & Graces – and would highly recommend them irrespective.  The staff are lovely, and what is more the eponymous Grace is a working mum.  However I still am grateful for their accommodation of the wee princess.  Turning the lights down in the room I was in when she was endeavouring to drift off to sleep.  Though I do wonder what she thought watching me get my legs waxed!    

Red painted toe nails
Five little red head piggies!

To top it off my little girl is currently fascinated by my toes. I can keep her entertained for at least 10 minutes by jiggling my toes and feet.  And we are starting to play this little piggy. So I think it only fair that pedicures can be currently costed against the baby instead of being considered an indulgence of mine!

So I highly recommend a pedicure – when was the last time as a new mum you were the focus of someone’s attention and just got to sit there? .