Living under an Etsy rock

We were extremely overdue in putting something on the walls of our daughter’s bedroom.  Very shamefacedly the only pictures on the wall for her to look at have been her parents’ degrees – not particularly eye catching and she may think we are putting pressure on her already – a tiger Mum & Dad we shall not be!  (Though is it too much to hope she does not like reality TV?!)

I was planning on having a go at creating some art work myself, but let us just say that idea is still nascent.  Though I think the delay has paid off.  Now I pride myself on being a proficient web shopper, you name it, I can probably find it.  We have purchased just about everything from wooden clothes hangers to disposable change mats to washing machines, hunting out the best deals possible.  Hell I found my obstetrician by looking on the web!

Decorating baby's room
We wish our daughter a life full of loving, laughing, learning and dreaming

But I had never ever heard of Etsy.  I only stumbled upon it as I was reading someone’s blog post – yay for blogs!  But then I was off and started exploring and found some gorgeous art for my daughter’s room.  The Etsy shop where I made my purchase is Wallfry – I even like the name – Wallfry ~ Wall art for small fry – how clever!

So a touch of Mum-onomics: great wall decorations do not have to come at a great price.