Oh-oh, yes I’m the great procrastinator…

Think Queen, imagine Freddy Mercury, and start reading this post by singing the following out loud: Oh-oh, yes I’m the great procrastinator…and that sums up the state of my craft projects.


I purchased an overlocker just days before my daughter was born.  Having always coveted one, and with maternity leave upon me, I pictured myself spending some time with this old hobby; and imagined a future where I would sew a few dresses for her.  The memory of purchase is vivid, so determined was I to own an overlocker that I drove the car two days before she was due, the very last time I drove the car before she was born.  What a sight I must have been lugging the overlocker back to the car.  Anyway my other half calls it the most expensive paper weight.  It is sitting on the floor untouched at the moment.  He rightly says at least turn it on before the warranty runs out…please!

Now I had picked up knitting again before little miss’ arrival and finished a blanket.   And ditto with the scarf, a reminder for Dad that he is not forgotten, though it took longer than anticipated.  I envisioned that my other half would have worn the scarf this winter – that is the winter that has long since finished, we technically start summer here the day after tomorrow.  Babies – who would have thought they would take up so much time; or that when you did finally flop on the couch in the evening, the energy to move your hands and create something stretches about as far as pushing the buttons on a remote.

So just an expensive paperweight, that does not sound too bad I hear you say.  Ah well that is because we have not got to the the now three concurrent knitting projects, two sewing projects, and one chair.  A chair?

I bought some wool and a pattern when a friend at work was expecting a baby.  That child is now almost seven, and let’s just confess I did buy them a really nice teddy bear.  I had planned to make it for a 9-month old size.  I have now started this, but stopped with just one sleeve left to go.

My list of items to have ready for a new baby included two jerseys/cardigans, so I paused with the 9-month old jersey, bought one cardigan and decided to knit one jersey for a newborn.  This is not finished, and given our little girl is about to turn 6 months need I say more.  And yes that is string being used as a stitch holder – that is what happens when you have too many projects on the go!

Unfortunately I fell immediately in love with this cardigan pattern in a recent magazine – just look at that hem – how could I resist?  My little girl helped choose the coloured wool.  So I stopped the newborn jersey and started this.

We are about to travel on a plane, and thought a bit of extra protection might not go amiss, so have started making a bag for the stroller.  So the sewing machine is now sitting out on the kitchen table.  Someone thought the overlocker would get into action, but alas no!  But it will when I make the cushion covers for the sofa…I bought the fabric when I started maternity leave, and before she arrived (hmmm).

The deepest darkest confession is a chair restoration.  This project dates back to…this is so embarrassing…to the late 1990s.  My Dad gave me this old wooden chair when I was at Uni that I sat on the whole time – ergonomics wasn’t big back then.  Was going to just get rid of it, and then someone pointed out it was rimu, and I decided it would be a nice momento.  You can see by the picture that I have done nothing to the chair – apart from keep it!  I believe this exemplifies the art form known as procrastination!  

Best I leave this post, channelling R.E.M., singing, it‘s the end of the procrastination as we now now it (and I’ll feel fine!)