The phenomenon of cluster feeding and can I use a staple gun?

I will come clean, I was a bit of a disbeliever when it came to cluster feeding. However having literally just been sucked into 2013, I will stand up and be counted that cluster feeding is real. OMG!  She’s had about what she would eat in 3/4 of a day in about the past hour, in four separate feeds.

To add insult to injury our daughter has just perfected, in the last day or so, the art of rolling from her back to her belly.  She has decided it would be fun once put to bed on her back to roll over.  Fortunately she then proceeds to kick the bars on her cot, so we know to go back in and roll her back over.  (But you know a staple gun to her sleeping bag might fix this!)  So I have been up and down the stairs what feels like 20 times rolling and feeding.

I normally treat myself to a Monteith’s Summer Ale (my favourite beer in the whole world!) every other night.  Once my daughter goes to bed I typically have eight hours.  After tonight’s experience I think I am going to hit the top shelf!

P.S. Does anyone want to volunteer for the next nappy…I cannot imagine it will be pretty!