The airline of middle earth gets my thumbs up, not to mention middle earth customs

Well our wee girl has had her first international flight, albeit Australia to New Zealand is hardly long haul. However you do need a passport and you have to go through customs.  When I was a child I travelled on my mum’s passport – just a line entry with my name and birth date; no photo.  That is no longer the case.  Friends of ours had their son’s passport photos rejected. Ludicrous springs to mind – try telling a baby to do something simple let alone change it’s expression!

The customs officer on departure asked if we’d had our daughter’s hair cut.  No. But just goes to show how much a wee bub can change.  If they aren’t sure How recognisable will her passport be in another year’s time.

Air New Zealand Airbus A320
Photo credit: Wikipedia

I digress. I have travelled on a number of airlines and they all have their own character.  Now the flight we were on didn’t even have business class seats, let alone first class; but having travelled with Air New Zealand before I know this to be the normal routine. They always call for people travelling with young children first to board the plane, ahead of all other passengers, even the fancy pants ones! I think this is great.  If I am ever a fancy pants passenger I may change my mind!!

To put a bigger shine on NZ, while written in small letters on the sign, when clearing customs the line for air crew also takes people travelling with children so you get straight through almost without queuing.  What a nice way to arrive in a country when travelling with children, even more so when coming home.