Tick tock, stop the clock

Well the clock is ticking down very fast now; in 27 days I will be back at work.  Hand on heart I do not want to be there.  It is funny, I came into motherhood thinking that the early part of having a child was something to get through, dirty nappies and not much else.  Do not get me wrong I wanted a family but thought kids would be much more interesting when they got older.  I thought two years onwards would be cool.  I had no experience of children.  I had never babysat, never changed a nappy, I am the baby in my family.  I always joked that the likelihood of me not wanting to go back to work would be one in a million.  Well you know what, that number came up. How wrong was I.

baby smile

I never realised how interactive babies were.  Our little girl is sheer delight.  We have been very lucky to have a happy ray of sunshine. She wakes up smiling, and the day goes from there.  Her Dad captured it simply, why can’t we just move to the country and and go back to work when she turns five.

I have been exploring child care options.  It just seems wrong.  There are some places I would be reluctant to leave a pet in, let alone a child.  Now we are lucky. Our little girl is not about to go into care.  Dad is about to take on primary parent for three months.  And furthermore I am not going back to work full time.  I am very fortunate that universities tend to have very good maternity provisions; this coupled with some annual leave means I am going back three days a week for three months, and then three and a half days a week for the next three months, and then 4 days a week after that until my daughter is approximately two years old.  While being paid full time.

It isn’t like I don’t want to work as such, I have a great job with great people, and given my seniority more flexibility than most.  It is just that I do not want to leave her. It is just too much fun, heaven and then some!  And who is going to care for a child like a parent.  Can I trust someone else to put her first.  Such a cliché but this is the best thing I have ever done, and I do not want to miss a minute.

As I said in my very first post this blog is part of my cunning plan to generate an income from home.  Income to date this has generated…BIG FAT ZERO!  Given I cannot seem to make enough time to do this on a more regular basis, don’t know how this or any other idea is quite going to materialise into a money stream. Fortunately I am not an eggs all in one basket girl, and the second idea in the cunning plan requires almost no time effort.  I’ll let you in on it – winning lotto.  Yeah not unique, and not likely either!  But hey, you have to be in to win!

On that note here is a link to another mum who is trying to generate an income with her writing.  Clearly I am a supporter of that agenda!  I wish her well.