Survived the first day back at work

Well the morning started like a dream.  To treat Mum for her first day back at work the wee blossom slept through the night, waking up or least waking me at a very respectable 6.40 this morning.  She had a great breast feed, and I even managed to feed her breakfast.

However it was also a bit rough on Mum this morning, I was a bit teary, and really did not want to leave the house.  All I could think of was this is so wrong, I should be here and nowhere else.  But I did leave the house this morning, and Dad and the little girl were fine their first whole day together at home!

And once at work I was ok.  I did have flowers waiting for me on my desk – and lots of people popping in to say glad to have you back which is really nice, and asking how I was.  So in that sense I have been very well looked after.  I managed to express, and walked home with my little chilly bag with freezer blocks and milk in it!

We are thinking of trying skype during the day, though not sure that is such a good idea.  Anyone else try this?  Let’s hope tomorrow goes as well.