A wee treat

I am quite a big believer in the saying “a little bit of what you fancy does you good”, and today I found exactly that.

cupcakes north melbourneSo what did I find … I found Natalie’s cupcakes.  Now I am a regular omnivore, but these happen to be vegan cupcakes.  They were divine, and good value – always a winning combination in my book. Today I purchased four different flavoured mini cupcakes for $3.  As you will see in the photo there are only three, that is because I just couldn’t wait and had to eat one!  I was thinking that for many mums there is a keenness to return a body shape to a former glory (by the way I think post baby bodies are glorious just the way they are). But I reckon what a great way to have a little bit of what you fancy and not feel bad!

North Melbourne Market North Melbourne MarketSo where did I find these?  At the North Melbourne Market, hosted by the Thread Den that takes place at the Lithuanian Club on Errol Street once a month.  It has been running for a few years now.  I always had the intention of going for a look-see, but for some reason the hardly exorbitant $2 door fee had put me off.  Fortunately last Spring Fling there was free entry and so I ventured in for the first time.  There was some amazing craft items for sale. I remember thinking if you were looking for an original gift this would be a place to come shopping.  A flyer came in the mailbox and I noticed free entry, which was sufficient to entice me for a second visit.  Funnily enough have now found out that it is now free entry on an ongoing basis, so suspect may become a more frequent visitor.  I would certainly go back for Natalie’s cupcakes!