Who Am I?

How gorgeous is this?

Motherhood Is An Art

I love starting my days off early.

I love books.

I love making noise.

I love asking questions.

I don’t like the word “no.”

I love helping people, whether they want me to or not.

I love opening the refrigerator door and closing it and then opening and closing it over and over and over.

I love pushing buttons (both figuratively and literally).

I love running.

I love practicing my facial expressions and deciding which ones work best to manipulate people. (I have come to the conclusion that a slight cock to the head, a smile and fluttering my eyelashes generally works best).

I have figured out how to use Netflix and don’t need help from anyone to find my favorite shows.

I love watching other people go to the bathroom.

I love everyone with reckless abandon and am not afraid to show it.

Q: Who am I?

A: I…

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