A tale of two poppies

The first a tale of a hot poppy.  A waxing lyrical of a baguette of pulled pork with hoi-sin  spring onion & cucumber to be precise.  I love food, I think it is one of the true pleasures in life.  And Melbourne is a bit of a foodie heaven; great restaurants, great cafes, and great coffee.  Though one of the things that parenthood has meant to us is a significant reduction in dinners out, albeit this will not be forever (I hope!).  As I have said before simply because at the moment we would only trust her to family, and they are across an ocean.

However it does not mean breakfast or lunch is out of the question.  I would have to say that going out for lunch is not something we did with any frequency before.  It was the poor cousin to breakfast and dinner.  But no more!

And a place I would highly recommend for lunch is Hot Poppy on Errol Street in North Melbourne.  The pulled pork baguette is to die for!  The flavours are just sensational. What’s more it is great to be able to sit on the footpath and watch the world go by.  Their menu is great (breakfast menu, lunch menu) – I am also partial to their buttermilk pancakes (with strawberries, berry compote, maple & vanilla ice cream) not to mention their zucchini & goats cheese fritters (with poached eggs, jalapeno salsa & aioli).  Did I mention I liked food…

Now not only has the meal of the day changed, but in times B.C. (before child!) I would have also weaved my way into a table furthermost from the pedestrian flow.  Now when we go to a place with tables outside I revel in the table closest to the footpath as you can just wheel up the stroller and plonk right down.

Where is the second poppy I hear you ask, ah well that is another tale to come.  But I can tell you that it will be a tale of a small poppy with a tall poppy twist!

3 thoughts on “A tale of two poppies

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  3. I agree. Dinner is hard with kids because they don’t want to sit still that long, and because it costs a great deal in our family to feed four at dinner time. But I love doing lunch and breakfast with my kids. The atmosphere is more hospitable for noisy children, the prices are lower, and it is just all around easier.


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