For once I’m going to pat my own back

I have been back at work, admittedly not full time, for three months now.  And I have managed to keep breastfeeding my daughter.  I express when I am at work and occasionally in the evening at home to make sure she has enough for the next day. Which isn’t to say there has been the occasional dash up to work by the current SAHD to get the freshly pumped stuff!  I walk to and from work every day with my little orange cooler bag with freezer blocks inside, and my pump in its grey draw string bag.  Not quite stylish bags!

As I have said before I am not some gung-ho breastfeeding or death mother!  To be perfectly honest I never thought I would still be doing this now.  My approach before she was born was that we will give breastfeeding a go and if it doesn’t work she’ll be formula feed, followed by slowly moving targets, six weeks, three months, six months.  I have been very lucky, great support in hospital and a natural feeder. Even in the early days when I thought her well positioned she would relatch as if to say at least I know what I’m doing!  A reason for carrying on is economic.  We have not had to spend a cent on formula! And moreover bought the pump and bottles second hand.  And I am very fortunate and able to express in my office.  With her about to transition to part time day care I figured the extra antibodies will not go amiss.

So I am giving myself a pat on the back.  Some of the other balancing acts of working and parenthood are still very much a work in progress. This has been the unexpected win.