Cuteness factor 110%

Even in a single storey home gates can be needed.  We have three levels so for us gates are a necessity.  Earlier today Dad went out the gate and down the hall not closing the gate behind him.  Our little girl headed in the same direction which meant I had to come at a gallop.  Prior to the gate installation she has barrelled down the hall and straight off the top of the three steps at the front door entrance. Fortunately Dad was able to catch her just in time that particular occasion, however there are only so many times you can tempt fate.

However galloping was unnecessary.  Having watched us open and close the gate countless times the wee girl had simply gone over to the gate to close it!  I was astonished – her cuteness factor which we think of as high (what parents don’t think this of their children) went off the chart at that moment.  Obviously she cannot work the two phase mechanism – long may that last.  But she had gone straight to the gate when she saw it open and then pulled it back towards her to close it.  And then was quite happy.  Maybe she was just trying to keep her Dad out!

Safety Gate ToddlerBy the way if you are looking for a gate I can personally recommend the Infa-Secure 330W Protecta Doorgate.  We have two in our house and they are brilliant.  Easy to install and easy to use.  We purchased these from Big W where the gate comes with two extension options included to accommodate wider doors and hallways; other length extensions are available.