My current definition of what the phuck?!

Heard my daughter awaken from her night’s sleep.  As per routine I glance at my iPhone for the time, 6.20 am, that’s not too bad, wishfully would prefer later for a Saturday morning.  Her father beside me is already awake, slightly unusual.  He makes some comment about it being early.  Head downstairs, give little missy her milk and head back up to our bedroom.  She is very snuggly like she wants to go back to sleep.   After a while check the time again – it is only 5.57 am – what the phuck?! – somehow had managed to misread 5.20 am with 6.20 am.  Ah that’s why he said it was early and the three of us are doing a great zombie impression.  Note to self – must double check when reading the time.  On the bright side made a batch of mini muffins for the little girl and they were cooled by 8.30 am!