He is still in the picture!

Over a year ago when I was a brand new mum I was determined to ensure that the brand new dad was not forgotten about. However progress was slow, which I did confess to.  These days I do not seem to have enough time to do a blog post once a week, let alone indulge the craft notion that came over me while on maternity leave.  However I am delighted to say that the no longer brand new dad has had a brand new scarf to wear this winter!

Scarf knitted cable

I have some left over wool and am considering making a version of the scarf for my daughter.  In my wild fantasies I imagine having a home business knitting and selling children’s scarves online. Suspect I am not really thinking this through, as if I dwelled on the notion for a second I would probably realise that I would be creating my own slave labour market.  Unless of course could command a premium for my hand-knitted, wool, scarves. Me thinks I best not give up my day job just yet…

By the way it is an easy pattern if any one would like it, please just contact me.

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