7 things I’ve gained since becoming a mum

Definitely worth checking out the article. The thing that I really know I’ve gained since becoming a Mum is living in the moment – you can’t not!

Not another slippery dip

little pawsBecoming a mum is life-changing. It’s easy to remember all the things you sacrifice, like sleep and bladder control! Amongst the myriad sacrifices of motherhood it’s important to reflect on all the things you gain, and, fortunately that list is long too.

In my latest article over at Essential Baby  I  talk about what I’ve I have gained since becoming a mum, and it’s not just the few extra kilos on the bathroom scales! It begins with a sense of vulnerability. If you enjoy this piece, please share it.

What are some of the things that you have gained since becoming a mum?

*Photo: Tamara Oudyn

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