I invite you to enter “Mr Chen’s Emporium”

While in Westport, on the west coast of the the South Island of New Zealand at Christmas I purchased a book that took my fancy even though it was slightly more than I would usually spend.  It was Christmas time after all and I thought I would read it while I was there.  I did not even start it, and then did wonder at the wisdom of the purchase.

Mr Chen's Emporium Deborah O'BrienHowever the misfortune of catching a virus that has laid me utterly flat – this is the sickest I have been the entire time I have been in Australia and then some – has had a pale green lining.  That pale green lining was Deborah O’Brien’s MR CHEN’S EMPORIUM, which I invite you to enter the world of.  What a blissful read, some twists and turns that I really wasn’t expecting.  It is a wonderful blend of the gold rush times and now, with topical themes.  Every so often you read a book and wonder if there will be another, as you can just see that there is more story waiting to be told.

The author has her own website, and a new book coming out (yay!) which I will certainly be making some time for.  Hopefully not requiring me to be virally challenged such that I have time!  However what caught my eye in reading about her was this is a woman who when she had a child commenced a new career.  And also makes reference to her own mother in terms of encouragement.  How many of us have that urge to try or do something new, but do not follow it.  I wish this author every further success in her career simply because she has followed through.  I often wrestle with a host of ideas in my head, and often that is all they ever exist as, perhaps I will garner the impetus to follow through on some of these myself now.