My Movies Now in North Melbourne

So there isn’t much point calling myself North Melbourne Mum if I do not reflect on anything to do with North Melbourne now is there?!  So I am going to aim to tell you something about my fair suburb on a semi-regular basis.

I am a big movie fan, and so is my other half.  There isn’t anything quite like seeing something on the big screen.  Or the fact that we stash bags of lollies in our pockets from the supermarket so as to not pay cinema prices.  I really don’t get it – we would purchase lollies there if they were not so overpriced.  Anyway I digress. Our outings to the movie theatre have somewhat dropped in frequency.  As parents of a young child who used to love go to the movies, this outing has been replaced by the excitement of DVD hire!  And there is a big plus for North Melbournites, the My Movies Now store on Queensberry St.  They have a great range of DVDs and Blu-Rays, there is parking right outside (though we often walk there), and if you are in the area or close by I would highly recommend them.  We probably frequent that store almost once a week these days.

Now I will really show my age and admit that for a long while I would say let’s get a video out when I naturally meant a DVD, however this is because when I first starting hiring movies they were on VHS.  It is quite strange to think I have already lived through the rise and decline of several technologies.  The Sony Walkman, the video tape..  I can remember recording songs off the radio with my tape recorder sitting next to said radio.  I still listen to the radio now, but it is digital and the station isn’t even necessarily in the country! 

Anyway check these guys out when you get a chance, their website is bookmarked on my browser, and they also have a facebook page.