There is an end of season wool sale

Not having had or made the time for a post lately the last thing you think I would be doing is buying wool, because clearly time on my hands is not in glorious abundance. However the flyer that came in the post-box advertising a 50% end of season sale on wool at Lincraft that started today caught my eye on the weekend. And for once in a truly rare blue moon (as in I cannot remember the last time this occurred) I had no meetings whatsoever in the diary – I sadly live by outlook when I am at work!  And evenly more sadly rarely stop for lunch, routinely eating at my desk.

And so with an excited spring in my step off I went into town on the tram at lunchtime. And look what I came back with.  wool lincraft melbourne

Now I had an intention in mind – scarves for the little girl, and perhaps one for myself.  She loves to wrap things around her neck, including the fluffy tie off my dressing gown which remarkably looks like a child sized scarf.  And you know here is my get rich slow scheme…an Etsy shop selling children’s scarves, reckon it has potential.  But  it suddenly dawned on me after the purchase that I could perhaps make a scarf for the mother-out-of-law or sister-out-of-law for Christmas.  So my plan is the red for me, the pink, white & green bobbly for the M-O-O-L if it works, and the pinky-white for the little princess, and perhaps a first Etsy line…  Not bad for a big outlay of just $13.94.

2 thoughts on “There is an end of season wool sale

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