Are you breast aware?

Important reminders for us all here, having had an Aunt who survived breast cancer.

Not another slippery dip

image-the-storyLast night, hubby and I saw The Haunting of Daniel Gartrell at our local theatre. The cast comprised two well-known Aussie actors, Max Gilles and Samuel Johnson. It was outstanding. The script, performances and clever plot made for a spectacular and riveting piece of suspenseful theatre. But this is not a theatre review.

At the end of the play, lead actor, Samuel Johnson, bolted from the wings to the foyer to deliver an important message. As the audience left the theatre, Samuel implored everyone to stay for a few extra minutes so he could share a story close to his heart. We were intrigued so we stayed. Luckily most of the audience stayed too. And this is what he shared:

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