Crazy woman now resides here

And I’m so excited!

Why am I crazy?  Well look what this mad woman went and bought.


Why on earth have I added to my already wool purchase frenzy of the other day? Well I have managed to turn a purchase from the first batch into a finished product in a record minimum amount of time.  My delusions of an Esty shop have run wild!

knitted scarf

Now this particular scarf is intended as a Christmas present for my M-o-o-L (Mother-out-of-law, instead of in-law).  And I think my Esty mad dream may get pushed aside for an even better outcome.  I do love having a project on the go and while I genuinely purchased this and the first batch of wool with the intention of seeing if I could sell some items on Etsy, it has suddenly dawned on me that there a whole lot of people in my life for whom I could make a gift for.  Now I know the knitting here is not technical, quite the opposite.  But it is the thought behind it. And eventually I will run out of people to create gifts for, so really I am just delaying the launch of my Etsy vision (I have the name already to go).

And there is also an absolutely unintended consequence.  These will actually be exceptionally cost effective presents.  Naturally I am not including my time in estimating the true cost of the present.  The fun is in the creation for me.