Oops I did it again!

Am I trying to channel Brittany Spears…no!  But I have done it again, and for only $2.99!!

Scarf Electra LincraftHow gorgeous is this scarf?  I am hoping that my sister-out-of-law will be delighted with this at Christmas time.  This is my first ever time knitting with a ruffle yarn.  It was surprisingly easy, quick, and the effect is amazing – well at least I think so.   I am not sure if you can pick it up in the photo but there is the hint of a metallic thread in the ‘wool’.  

So little old me has turned out two scarves in the mere blink of an eye.  All cannot be right with the world!

I highly recommend anyone knit a scarf with a ruffle yarn, I do not think a high level of experience is required.  And there are helpful videos available (here is the link to the one I used).  Enjoy if you decide to pursue.