There is a baby in my coffee!

Different things bring smiles to people’s faces.  I have a habit that on my non-working day of the working week (there’s a pseudo tongue twister) to go out with my daughter for a coffee.  That’s a coffee for me and not her in case anyone thought for a second I was already drugging her with caffeine – cannot imagine anyone would think their toddler was lacking in energy and needed a boost!

Being in North Melbourne there are plenty of cafes to choose from.  And I am not in a monogamous relationship with a particular cafe.  Indeed I intentionally share my love around, as I would like to see them all doing well, so I am frequenting a few.

Today however I have to put a plug in for Toast on Errol Street.

coffee north melbourne

Look at my coffee.  Instant smile to my face.  It is not the first time I have had a coffee here, and not the first time I have had it adorned with some delightful art. But it captured my daughter’s already visible ability to interact with people without yet being able to speak, she waves at the barista, she smiles at the waiter.  While sitting outside in the sun she pointed at a dog walking past, which caught the owner’s eye.  He came over so she could have a closer look, and regaled me with a tale of his nephew.  Two random strangers having a chat because of small child and her finger.

So thank you Toast for putting a smile on my face today.