Online passport application, who knew?

Well I am just managing to squeak in a second post before the month comes to an end, and its not even December!  I am tempted to ask for more hours in the day for Christmas, however I would probably just fill them with more chores and not me time which is what I really want, time to do the stuff I want to do, not the stuff I have to do.

So a completely off topic start.  Now to topic.  What I had not been aware of and which I am quite excited about is that I come from the country that had implemented the first on line passport application process.  Yay New Zealand!  Now it is still entirely rubbish that we only have five year passports (that’s a whole other story). But as someone who has just applied to renew her passport online, and now received it by courier I am excited.  And for once it costs less to do it online than to do it on paper.  In contrast to buying bloody movie tickets (and others) online where you are doing all the work and paying for the privilege.  In August this year 100,000 folk have already traversed this path, so in some ways I am already a late adopter. It is great to see technology delivering on that age old paperless society prediction. Good on ya NZ!

NZ passport