Have I spawned a shopper?!

Now I will confess, I am not your typical consumer.  The notion of heading off to the local shopping mall on a regular basis has not been activated in my DNA, it is not something that fills me with the thrill of living.  Which is not to say that I do not like nice things; I do not aspire to dress in recycled brown sacks but there is a tag heuer on my wrist with sparkles.  It is just that life ≠ shopping for me.  It is largely a necessity matter, nice things do not make a nice life; friends, family, sport, travel, fun and adventure make a life in my opinion.  That is where I like to put my time and earnings.  Though I must confess still working on that life/work balance thing by the way (work unfortunately edging out life – something for the new year I feel).

To showcase my non-consumer tendencies I have only purchased two handbags in about the last six or seven years, which I believe is a little on the low side for someone who is XX in the chromosome department; especially when both purchases were entirely driven by advances in technology.  I was always the girl who if it didn’t fit in my pockets it didn’t go with me.  Smart phones and tablet devices have forced my hand, even I thought that carrying these to and from work in a plastic bag was probably not the way to go.  So the smallest handbag that allowed me to carry wallet, glasses and smartphone was bought in about 2007, more recently followed with the smallest handbag with a now added iPad to the contents.  This is the biggest handbag I own.  I still carry papers to and from work in a plastic bag – solution here, stop bringing work home (see above, issue to work on in 2014).  When I first started work in Australia I had more pairs of sport shoes that any other type of shoe.  My lovely boss at the time, who had a wife that shopped joked that I was clearly XXY (it’s a funny science joke, I am scientist, my boss was a scientist).

However I feel that genetics has played me a wild card that may come to test my non-functioning shopping gene.  My little sweetheart is already totally in love with bags and shoes!  Check these out.  What is super cute is that she puts the bag over her arm, says bye bye, then blows a kiss.  It is utterly adorable.  Her father fears a future attack on our wallets!